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The Professional Principles of the consultants at
Nicholson International Czech Republic, s.r.o.

The long-term goal of Nicholson International Czech Republic, s.r.o. is to provide its clients with quality personnel consultancy, particularly through the searching out and selection of specialists whose professional qualifications and qualified decision-making skills will help the company achieve a level maximum efficiency.

We mediate employment opportunities for the candidates represented by Nicholson International Czech Republic, s.r.o. to prominent companies. This allows them to advance professionally and maximize their potential.

Our goal is quality and not quantity. We search for people who are able and educated/trained, people that continually learn, who are mobile, and who are ready to react flexibly to the constantly changing demands of today's highly competitive marketplace.

We accept the candidates that we contact in the course of individual projects as partners and not only as a means of making a quick profit or database entry. This rule is evident in our approach to candidates at all stages of the project and in our endeavour to provide them with the maximum possible information available, to listen to their impressions, uncertainties and opinions, and to regularly accept feedback.

We only present to our clients those candidates that have the professional, personality-related, and managerial qualifications to successfully fulfil the prerequisite work assignments and to assume the corresponding responsibility for their decision-making over the long term. In the case that we do not find a candidate with the right profile within the specified group of candidates, together with the client company we analyse the reasons for this and come to modify our approach accordingly.

We make every effort to reduce any possible distortion of information in the transfer of information between the candidate and the client. We are able to accomplish this by acting as a mediator between the two parties. In terms of personal meetings with candidates, we endeavour to identify the maximum amount of relevant information and present this information to the client in a structured format. This information includes a chronological description of employment to date, concrete examples of successes achieved (value added), the management of processes of change within companies (flexibility and adaptability), leadership abilities, the delegation of authority and the ability to motivate junior employees (managerial abilities), etc. This information is gathered through a "competency-based interview".