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Executive search (direct search or so-called headhunting)

Why look for a suitable employee using an executive search and why use Nicholson International?
  • Direct search allows managers to identity, experts and specialists, with profiles matching the requirements of the client - holders of similar positions (some of them could work for a direct competitor) with ambitions and qualification to succeed.
  • Allows contact with people who don’t normally appear on the databases of personnel agencies, are not actively looking for job and don’t answer job advetisements – the effectivity of executive search is significantly greater than standard job advertisement or using the services of a database agency.
  • The intellectual capacity and experience of our consultants allows a precise understanding and implementation of clients mandate (what, who and for which position we are searching) allowing to eliminate as far as possible the risk of an unsuccessful positioning and the additional time and financial costs thus involved.
  • We have strict rules on representing our clients during the mandate period for general and top management positions (method of contact, meetings, approach, feedback etc)
  • We work discretely and dependably. We are able to explain to a candidate when for whatever reason it is necessary to keep the name of the client a secret while ensuring his motivation is undimmed.
  • We work fast and effectively and show results in situations where agencies, after going through their databases, have nothing more to offer.
  • In short? We show results
Standard conditions
  • The standard period for searching for and presenting candidates is generally around five to eight weeks. Some headhunting companies require a deadline of six months, but this does not reflect the relatively small size of the Czech market. Where no-one can be found within two months, this generally suggests some objective reason being behind this requiring a re-evaluation of the requirements, remuneration package or other important factors.
  • We provide a guarantee period of six months for candidates placed by us, exceptionally 12 months. Where this period is not fulfilled, the client can choose to search for a replacement candidate free of charge or the return of a proporation of the sum paid (depending on the length of working time in the position)
  • The majority of the search fee is paid once the chosen candidate has begun work for the client’s company.