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Personnel advice

The aim of Nicholson International’s personnel services is to assist the client in solving in the optimum fashion situations relating to
  • Insufficient work productivity
  • Deterioration in internal communication
  • Increasing staff turnover
  • The need of a change in company culture – the aproach and responsibility of employees
  • Unhealthy internal competition
  • Organisational changes (related to e.g. the arrival of a new CEO or sales manager and the optimalisation of organisational structure)
This is why we provide our clients with services which help to bring to light the core of the problem and implement the steps necessary to eliminate them, where necessary including exceptional personnel activities where the external partner may play the role of mediator. The most common services supplied outside of direct search include the following:
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Salary and non-financial benefits surveys
  • Personnel audit and analysis of job positions
  • The creation of job desciptions
  • The preparation of managerial and standard working contracts reflecting company specifics
  • Outplacement
  • Allowing temporary employment (for startup projects)